Monday, 10 January 2011

Musings of a Curious Individual
I toyed with blogs before, and frankly I didn't get it! But, many years later, and many pages of html under my belt at my website, I think the time has come to try again. Bear with me though. I have lots on my mind, but am kinda addled brained when it comes to remembering things. 

My primary "work" has always been with its many subsections. I started that in 1997 when I was retrenched and couldn't sleep.  Since then there have been many iterations of it, and now it is in a blog format. I really wanted to combine this blog and that one, but there are too many incompatibilities between the Wordpress and blogger platforms, I also seem to be able to work better with the two blogs being separate entities.

A lot of the articles I wrote that pre-date this post (2010-2005) have since been deleted from here and moved to the duplicate version of this blog situated on my domain

The reason for the creation of this duplicate is due to the closure of Picasa where the images that are part of this blog reside. This is supposed to happen by May and as yet there has been no clear indication as to what will happen with all of the images that populate the blogs. I certainly have a problem as I have over 4000 images associated with the blog, and of course many are linked from Picasa into the new backup blog. I will also be culling content from here and moving it to Musings and at some point will probably cull all posts up to 2013 when I came to the UK. I have made no hard or fast decision yet. 

On a side note... why is it I can never remember the name and address of this blog of mine? fat lot of good that is huh? 

DR Walker 2010-2016.

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