Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cottesloe and Fordsburg. 08-11-2011

Oudstryders. Unveiled 3 December 1938


Victuallers said...

I could use these pictures on wikipedis if this page said "creative commons 3.0 Share alike" .... feeling generous?

DRW said...

Well, show me why you want to use them and the basis of the entry and I will probably give you the go-ahead to use them, if anything I may even have some unpublished pics to go with them.

André said...

I wonder if you, or anyone who happens to check out this site has any more information on the old Sacks Hotel, and, more specifically, a gentleman by the name of 'J.G.' Strydom who was the caretaker of the establishment?

DRW said...

I have almost nothing on it, built towards the end of 1890's , it was caught in the cross fire of the Rand Revolt in 1922, being hit by a shell and a bomb. Was also used by mine officials of the Robinson Deep Mine. It is porbably less well known because it was in Fordsburg and not Parktown. http://artefacts.co.za/main/Buildings/bldgframes.php?bldgid=2189

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