Saturday, 11 June 2011

Preserved Tanks. A Clutch of Crusaders

Another tank that seems to dominate the gate guard and plinthed tank collection is the British Crusader MkII. Again I have no idea why there are so many around, it is possible that they were used for training duties and then became surplus to requirements. The MOTH seem to have been allocated a lot of them,  and in the area where I stay there are quite a few.   

Dardenelles Shellhole in Florida
Warriors Shellhole. Muldersdrift
My Favourite: Chilly Trench. Roodepoort
Cosy Corner. Brakpan
The best preserved exmaple is probably the one at the National Museum of Military History in Saxonwold.

National Museum of Miltary History
And, there is a Crusader MkII at the Pretoria Regiment collection in Pretoria.

Pretoria Regiment Crusader. Image by Gavin Spowart 2008.
Another Crusader MkII is at Group 15 HQ in Thaba Tswane.

As at 2000, it appears as if 17 examples have survived in one form or another, however, with the closure of many MOTH shellholes, these vehicles may have ended up elsewhere, or their details have been lost.

Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset has on display a Crusader MKIII

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