Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hullo Southampton

Today, 7 April 2013 I packed my bags and headed for the port of Southampton. Like with London I do feel a connection to this city and its port, probably because so much of my maritime literature featured Southampton very strongly, and of course this is where the ill fated Titanic sailed from.

Of course ships will rate very high on my list of things to do/see while I am in this city. In fact, in a short period of six hours I saw two cruise ship sailings already. The first being P&O's Ventura.

Followed shortly thereafter by Cunard's Queen Elizabeth.

Many years ago, during the 1950's and 60's these self same docks would see rows of major passenger vessels, Our own Union-Castle Line would have had at least two ships in port every week.

Southampton Docks many many years ago
And of course the Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary would have dominated every other ship afloat when they were calling. Alas those days have passed and today we have to take what we can get. The two cruise ships above don't really do much for me, I have seen much better looking. And, by the looks of it there are quite a few arrivals and sailings scheduled for the next month. On top of that is the anniversary of the sailing of the Titanic from these very docks

How long will I be here? till 8 May probably, after that? who knows. I am going to do my job hunting here and hopefully be lucky, or will have to move on. Either way though, I intend to ship watch and visit the Hollybrooke Cemetery to pay my respects to our fallen Mendi men who are commemorated there, and I know that will be a sad occasion.

Till the next time I visit my blog, I shall leave you with photograph of Shieldhall, a really nice looking vessel that is more up my line. At any rate, it will be a change from cemeteries.

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